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Advancing human rights the Amnesty way

In Episode 6 of Series 2 of The Rights Track, Todd talks to Meghna Abraham, Head of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Team at Amnesty International about how the organisation’s work helps to uphold and advance human rights around the world. They also discuss, The Great Palm Oil Scandal, a report by Amnesty taking some of the world’s most popular food and household companies to task over human rights abuses in Indonesia.

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Gay rights - how far have we come?

In Episode 1 of Series 2, we talk gay rights with Richard Beaven, successful businessman and Trustee of the LGBT campaign group Stonewall. Todd asks to what extent the struggle for gay rights has also advanced the human rights of the LGBT community and invites Richard to reflect on efforts made in recent decades to champions them. They also discuss the impact of political events such as the EU referendum and American election on hate crime and to what extent this might undermine the progress that has been made.

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Does America need a Truth Commission?

In Episode 12 of The Rights Track, Todd talks to Dr Karen Salt and Dr Christopher Phelps from the University of Nottingham about human rights in America through the lens of race. He asks his guests whether a Truth Commission might play a positive role in giving Americans the opportunity to pause for thought about some of the underlying problems facing American Society today.

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Does a picture speak a thousand words when advocating human rights?

In Episode 9 of The Rights Track, Todd talks to professional lawyer and human rights researcher Professor Meg Satterthwaite from New York University about human rights advocacy. They discuss what it’s like working across academia and practice, the challenges around evidencing impact and the role of data visualisation in communicating findings effectively.

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Why America needs a truth commission

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In the wake of the high profile shootings of two young black men in the US and the subsequent murder of five police officers in Dallas, Rights Track presenter and human rights expert Todd Landman argues it is time the US had a truth commission. But, he adds, it would require maturity, patience and honesty from all sides.

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